School Registration

Flyer 2024


The mission of Iqra Nejashi Islamic School is to nurture and to inculcate a just and balanced generation through the power of education in both academic and Islamic spheres.  In recognizing the critical role education plays in preparing future generation, Iqra Nejashi Islamic School will provide a strong and quality education that will leave its foot prints for many years to come Inshallah. The empowerment of our children and instilling a sense of high self-esteem in order to achieve will be the driving force of our Islamic School.


  • Providing all necessary educational materials to assist students in meeting expectations

  • Since parents are first educators of their children, Iqra Nejashi Islamic School values the involvement of parents in monitoring their child/children’s progress

  • Providing a conducive environment where children can learn and entertain safely Exerting  a maximum effort to ensure students are receiving  quality education

  • Providing parents with measurable and quantifiable progress report to invest genuinely in our children’s educational path.