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Grade: 2 Math

  • Mental addition
  • Regrouping in addition
  • Mental subtraction
  • Regrouping in subtraction
  • Place value
  • Multiplication
  • Clock
  • Money
  • Geometry
  • Measuring
  • Apply developing problem-solving strategies as they pose and solve problems and conduct investigations, to help deepen their mathematical understanding;
  • Apply developing reasoning skills (e.g., pattern recognition, classification) to make and investigate conjectures (e.g., through discussion with others);
  • Demonstrate that they are reflecting on and monitoring their thinking to help clarify their understanding as they complete an investigation or solve a problem (e.g., by explaining to others why they think their solution is correct);
  • Select and use a variety of concrete, visual, and electronic learning tools and appropriate computational strategies to investigate mathematical ideas and to solve problems;
  • Make connections among simple mathematical concepts and procedures, and relate mathematical ideas to situations drawn from everyday contexts;
  • Create basic representations of simple mathematical ideas (e.g., using concrete materials; physical actions, such as hopping or clapping; pictures; numbers; diagrams; invented symbols), make connections among them, and apply them to solve problems;
  • Communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing, using everyday language, a developing mathematical vocabulary, and a variety of representations.
  • Throughout Grade 2, students will: