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Flyer 2024

 Students First:

INIS is a full time private Islamic School which offers most subjets taught in Ontario Public School in addition to Islamic subjects which are necessary for students to know about their religion and culture. Our ultimate goal is to narture our students with both Academic and Islamic education at their golden age in order to empower them to succeed and comprehend their future wisely.

We with the help of Allah, are commited to exceed the Ontario Board of Education’s standards in all subjects that we offer for our students. We also teach all fandamental Islamic subjects such as Qurán, Hadith, Tawheed, Islamic Studies, Fiqh and Arabic. We put all our efforts to make sure that our students are well equiped in all aspects before they leave our school.


 Academic Subjects:

1. English

2. Mathematics

3. French

4. Science

5. Social Studies

6. Computer

7. Art

8. Physical Education

Islamic Subjects: 

1. Qurán Kerim (Hifz)

2. Hadith Sharif

3. Aqidah (Tawheed)

4. Islamic Studies

5. Fiqh

5. Arabic